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Digital Content

Blog Posts & Articles for SSF LLP

As Marketing Communications Coordinator at Sensiba San Filippo LLP, I maintained the company blog via WordPress, which covered important industry topics. While many of these articles were provided by a Thompson Reuters service, I ensured all blog posts met stringent SEO standards as measured by WordPress. 

I also ghost-wrote many articles and blog posts around important tax topics that were important for SSF clients to know. Here you can see some of this content.

California Small Business Support

California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced a variety of ways the state is supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

 I was asked to write an article on one of the latest resources available. As these resources impact nearly all SSF clients, I took the initiative to summarize all resources available to our California business clients. I researched and wrote about temporary tax relief, the Main Street Small Business Tax Credit, cash grants and the California Rebuilding Fund.

California Small Business Support
Clarity on PPP Forgiveness and Deductible Expenses

In late November, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a Revenue Ruling and a Revenue Procedure to clarify the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness and deductible expenses. 

With so many businesses needing timely answers on all things related to PPP Loans, I was asked to read these IRS updates and write this blog post on the tax implications.

Clarity on PPP Forgiveness and Deductible Expenses
Many Contractors Overlook This Lucrative Tax Credit

In addition to coordinating media opportunities, I would also often be asked to compile information for these opportunities. In this particular case, I was able to use previous articles from my R&D tax credit expert colleague, Cole Marr, and information from the SSF website to compile this contributed article. 

Many Contractors Overlook This Lucrative Tax Credit
Fulfillment By Store Program Case Study

This case study showcases the success two merchants saw when their products were enrolled in Wish's new Fulfillment By Store Program. Business Development leads sent this to their merchants and feedback was extremely positive.

Case Study

Case Studies, FAQs & Policies

As Communications Specialist at Wish, I maintained and created content for for Wish’s global merchants. The goal of these FAQ articles, policies and case studies are to enable merchant adoption of features on the Wish platform, educate merchants on optimizing sales, and encourage certain merchant behaviors. Hover over these images to learn more.


I created many FAQs for new features and updated existing FAQs to address questions merchants may have while operating on the Wish platform. This includes the FAQs on API Integrations, ProductBoost Product Campaign Performance Page, FBW Recommendations Dashboard and many more. I also worked to organize the FAQs in a more user-friendly order.



I regularly updated the merchant policy pages to reflect any policy changes and updated existing policy wording for enhanced merchant clarity.

I worked to create the policy archive page content consisting of all historic policy change information. I edited the main policy page to list only current policy content.  


Email Marketing

I created email marketing campaigns for Sensiba San Flippo LLP, The Los Altos Bistro and the University of Denver Bay Area Alumni. The Bistro emails garnished a 20%-25% open rate. Hover over these images to see samples of my email campaigns.

Blog Posts for CO SOS

I wrote many blog posts while working at the Colorado Secretary of State's office. Most revolved around events the Secretary of State was attending where I would take photos and interview attendees. Two of my blog posts were published in Colorado newspapers. Click "Read Blog" to see these blog post samples.

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