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Strategic Messaging Campaigns

Culturehaus Communications Campaign

Co-led team project to construct a communications plan with clear goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics for CultureHaus’ art exhibition fundraiser auction event 


Conducted audience research, market research, and SWOT analysis to provide input for the communication plan

Created budgets, realistic team goals, marketing materials, and an evaluation plan

Surpassed attendance goal by 40% and exceeded awareness and social media goals for event by 25%

Denver Dumb Friends League Communications Campaign

Collaborated with teammates to develop a communications plan for Denver Dumb Friends League’s “Furry Scurry” 5k pet adoption event


Performed audience and market research to improve targeting for communications plan


Pitched final communications plan, budget, and evaluation plan to client, who implemented plan 

Proposed 49ers Strategic Communications Campaign

Developed a hypothetical strategic messaging campaign for the San Francisco 49ers


Defined clear goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics for messaging campaign


Created deliverables in line with 49ers branding guidelines, including banner ads, landing pages, feature stories, talking points, press releases, and social media plans

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